Vacancy :Call Centre Manager

Job Description •Identifies areas of improvement in systems and processes that operate within the centre and to plan, design and implement action within the business protocols.
•Ensures the department is fully equipped to handle the work load and distribute work flow.
Key Responsibilities •OPERATIONS: Ensures all the necessary operational policies, procedures and processes are clearly documented, regularly reviewed and cascaded throughout the operation.
•Ensures the production of relevant, useful and professional reports as required by the client in order to provide intelligence for operational improvements.
•Assumes accountability in any projects undertaken by the business unit, ensuring that effective management occurs and deliverables are achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner.
•Ensures consistency and standardisation with the client’s other operations.
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT:Leads by example in living the values of the organization.
•Coaches to ensure a full understanding of consequences of errors.
•Creates an environment that fosters team work and co-operation amongst team members.
•Communicates effectively, building and maintaining relationships
•Ensures consistent compliance to company policies and procedures, corporate governance and relevant legislation.
Expertise & Technical Competencies •Minimum 4 years operations management experience, with at least 2 years in a senior managerial position in a Call Centre.
•Understanding of Call Centre Industry in terms of how people and technology work together for business optimisation.
•Proven track record in managing high performance professional teams
•MS Office proficient
•Knowledge of infrastructure delivery
•Expertise in infrastructure, project planning and conceptualisation
•Understanding of government priorities, systems and processes
•Strong general management skills
•Strong performance, process, financial and talent management skills
•Understanding of stakeholder and brand management
•Strong verbal and written communication skills, presentation skills and skills to express complex concepts in business terms
•High quality and deadline driven output
•Highly analytical
Required Personal Attributes •Communication and Listening: Communication and listening involves effective, clear communication in complex situations or in front of large, mixed audiences. Effective communication requires the skills to present proposals, suggestions and solutions in a convincing way. It is about capturing the interest of stakeholders, influencing their opinions, and cultivating strong stakeholder relationships. Effective communication also includes knowledge sharing and knowledge management.

•Teamwork: Teamwork is about knowing how to work with others by integrating energies to achieve a common goal. Teamwork includes promoting productive, collaborative relationships between individuals and/or groups. Teamwork requires individuals to remain authentic and accountable to the group.

•Goal Orientation: Goal orientation is about directing one’s activities and those of other people in the team, to achieve shared objectives, providing a level of commitment proportional to the importance of the project. Goal orientation requires setting goals that are higher and more challenging than expectations, and remaining results driven and achievement-orientated to optimise the business value chain.

•Planning and Organisation: Planning and organisation includes planning, implementing and monitoring projects and programs to ensure that deadlines are met. It includes identifying and, if necessary, redefining short, medium and long term priorities and allocating the financial, technical and human resources appropriately. This requires flexibility and agility, as well as a good perspective. Planning and organisation requires financial and budget management skills, and governance and risk management skills.

•People Management: People management involves identifying the skills and aspirations of individuals, recognising their successes and tackling their weaknesses constructively to create real opportunities for growth and achievement. People management requires the ability to develop interpersonal relationships to manage and measure high performance teams, enhance diversity of style and professional approach, and encourage people to take responsibility for work done and the achievement of goals. People management requires decision-making and delegation, mentoring and coaching, and constantly stimulating people by giving them challenging targets based on their individual potential. People management includes the ability to lead in complex and uncertain situations, and manage change.

•Problem Solving: Problem solving involves analysing causes of problematic situations and taking effective decisions – even in the absence of sufficient time and information – based on a brief summary of information, intuition, experience or skills. Problem solving requires conceptual and logical thinking, sound judgment and innovation.

•Strategic Vision: Strategic vision means understanding and predicting the manner in which organisational scenarios will develop, and identifying useful guidelines to take short and long term actions. Strategic vision includes understanding business planning alignment, business development orientation, entrepreneurship and institution building. Strategic innovation also includes continuous business learning through innovation.

•Personal Mastery: Personal mastery is expressed by, amongst other things, passion, optimism and motivation, and a willingness to manage the complexity of one’s current role and to deal with more complex situations. It requires integrity, emotional intelligence and self knowledge, good stress management and a work-life balance. Personal mastery is observed as self control, the consistent pursuit of professional development and identification with company principles and core values.

How to apply
Click here to apply online
Closing date: 02 February 2014

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