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MsCosmo is one of the feisty ladies in the entertainment industry she is taking Hip Hop to another level. As a female DJ and radio jockey she’s becoming the force to be recon with and she’s the best in the Hip Hop fraternity. Dealing with her everyday challenges within the industry strives for more. Read the interview to learn more about MsCosmo.

Who is MsCosmo?

MsCosmo is a short, fun loving, hip hop head, born and bred in Jozi.

Growing up what/ who inspired you?

Strong women who moved mountains on their own: My mom and my granmother, Beyonce, Oprah, Missy Elliot & Khanyi Dhlomo.

What motivated you to become a hip hop DJ?

The love of the music and hip hop had a great influence on my life. I was also encouraged by my friends to take it on since they knew how I felt about the industry.

What is it like to be a female hip hop DJ in a predominantly male dominated environment?

It’s challenging everyday to measure to the guys in their boys club. I always have to prove my worth every day and be better than them. It makes me work harder and strive for more. But I enjoy the challenge, so it makes it fun for me.

Are female DJs in general given opportunity to play at the gigs or one have to hustle?

All DJs have to hustle, whether you’re male or female. It’s easier for guys to get opportunities but the gates are opening more and more for females so it’s equal nowadays.

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Take us back to your first gig, how was it and what was your first song?

My first gig was at FTV in Sandton. I was playing for at the friend’s event. I panicked and asked the next DJ to play after 10 minutes. It was horrible! I can’t event remember my first song.

What is it that you know now that you wished you knew while you were at YFM?

I wish I knew more about my Serato software that I know now. But Djing is always a learning progress. I learn knew things about it everyday. YFM was a great platform for me to grow myself and take myself seriously.

How did your show at 5FM come about?

I’ve always wanted to be on radio, so when the opportunity came about for me to submit my demo, I did and went on to meet with the 5fm management. I was really excited when they offered me a show.

Tell us about the show what is it about and what time does it come on?

The show is called “The Stir Up”. It airs on 5fm, every Sunday at 10pm-1am. The Stir Up is a play on my name MsCosmo cos the cocktail needs to be stirred to perfection, there’s always something stirring up in the hip hop industry, so it made sense for me to call it that. The show is based on the hip hop industry, with a focus on local hip hop and a touch of the international scene. I do music reviews, interviews and mixes of hip hop.

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What do you want to achieve with the show?

I want to create more awareness of the hip hop industry to the country and support it by playing more than your average radio show. I want to grow the culture and give equal opportunity to the unsigned artists to showcase their talents.

How is the experience working at Channel O?

The experience is great. I love working at Channel O. Mixing videos is different to audio, so I love that challenge as well. Channel O is a great platform and exposes me to the African market which is great for spreading the SA local music to them as well.

How do you deal with pressure of DJing live?

I used to panick in the beginning, nerves would always overcome me, but now I’m far more confident and experimental with my sets. I have fun. I still get nervous when I have to play for big crowds but I still go out there and try to have fun!

Who is that one DJ that made you changes the way you look at Djing and the way you market yourself?

I look at a number of DJs, not just one. From the way they play to the way they market their brands and their business profiles. The likes of DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Zinhle, Tira, Oskido, Milkshake, Sphectacula, Sarah Love (UK), DJ Drama (USA) and Juicy M (Europe) play that part.

What makes Ms Cosmo the brand to stand out from other female DJs?

I think I’m very experimental. I take a lot of chances. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. But that’s the only way I can stand out is by doing what some are afraid to do. I play a lot of local in my DJ sets and I’ve been known to play with a live band at big events.

Which songs are rocking the dance floor at the moment?

The biggest songs at the moment are Cassper Nyovest’s “Gusheshe”, Khuli Chana’s “Mnatebawen” and Emmy Gee’s “Rands and Nairas”.

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Milkshake or Naked? And why?

They both have their different strengths so that’s not a fair question. Milkshake is experimental and plays around with new songs, trap and dubstep beats as well as the flow of mixes. He’s creative. Naked is seamless with all of his mixes. He the epitome of the old school DJ who can mix anything and everything, whether scrathing or dropping a song. He has great skill and will never repeat a song that was played that night.

When are you releasing your album?

I’m not sure if I’m going to release an album. I’m still learning how to produce, so If and when the time is right, I’ll decide on what I’ll do.

What is your advice to upcoming DJs?

Work hard and always practice! Practice is a key in this game. There’s always a new trick that you can learn or teach yourself that will separate you from the rest. Push hard and focus on selling yourself as a brand and not just a good DJ.

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