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Coming up on Binneland this July 2017……


Wednesday 26 July 2017
(Episode 033/2789)

At gives in to Louis’s requests, and Herman has his work cut out for him when he arrives in Pretoria. Conrad realises what is going on when Binneland Clinic is also sued, while Tracy’s mother is the key to the truth.

Annelize is warned about At, and Lexi is determined to stick with her decision. Tracy takes the wind out of Louis’s sails, while Alice knows exactly how to prevent cold feet…

Thursday 27 July 2017
(Episode 034/2790)

Tertius and his gang decide to take on a problem academically, and Steve and Bronwyn tries to persuade Lexi of her plans.

Tracy, at the request of Alice, can be very convincing, while Jana tries her best to keep her family together. A barbeque is the backdrop for a battle cry, and Jana’s bracelet lands up in the wrong hands.

Friday 28 July 2017
(Episode 035/2791)

Tertius realises someone has it in for him, and At is worried about the master plan. Louis surprises Tracy with a gift, while a call angers Steve tremendously.

Annelize is not ready to let go, and Lexi tries her best to defend herself. Alice’s plans are getting more and more dangerous, while Karli has no idea how to be more supportive.

Monday 31 July 2017
(Episode 036/2792)

Lexi tries to clear the air, and it is the biggest day in Tertius’s career. At reprimands Louis over Friday night’s debacle while Karli is frank about her fears.

Alice accuses Tracy of becoming a liability. A misunderstanding could have a happy (and lasting!) effect, while co-habiting is a topic of discussion elsewhere.

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Episode 037/2793

Lexi is hiding something from her parents, and Conrad realises what Annelize did. Naomi and Karli share their theories with the rest of the group, while At wants to settle the civil case as quickly as possible.

Alice struggles to cope on her own, and not everyone is impressed with the big announcement.

Wednesday 2 August 2017
Episode 038/2794

A ring and a pregnancy test makes the day a lot more complicated for some of the Binnelanders. Jana’s news will impact on Tertius’s case, while Louis and Naomi don’t see eye to eye about matters of the heart.

Tertius’s frustrations grow by the second, while Jana has big plans for an engagement dinner. At makes sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to Vanessa, and Tracy plans her next assault on Louis.

Thursday 3 August 2017
Episode 039/2795

At and Tertius’s conversation leads to an outburst, while Tracy tries to encourage her sister about the night that awaits her.

Jana is not prepared for what happens in the board room, while Lexi experiences a roller coaster day of emotions during this tumultuous day. Tertius feels betrayed by Pippa, and Louis gets a strange surprise in the cottage.

Friday 4 August 2017
Episode 040/2796

Tertius wants to prove a point, and Ross unexpectedly drops in at the Abrahams’ before school. Tracy tries to calm Alice, but Alice threatens to tell Louis everything.

At wants to use Jana to get through to Vanessa, while Lexi asks Annelize’s help. A huge family brawl leads to an injury, and Quinton’s vague breakthrough provides Tertius with new courage.

Monday 7 August 2017
Episode 041/2797

Alice’s plan takes on form, and Annelize gives Lexi the hard facts. Tertius’s accusation and Karli’s honesty could jeopardize their relationship. At decides on a more aggressive approach with Vanessa, and chocolate won’t necessarily lead to a good night’s rest.

Tuesday 8 August 2017
Episode 042/2798

Tertius’s newest obstacle leads to a huge fight with Karli, and Alice will have to think on her feet to get out of her bloody mess. Ross tries his best to convince Lexi not to share her secret, while Jana tries to impart wise advise to Karli. Quinton is hurriedly summoned to Johannesburg, and Louis’s awakening is not where the nightmare ends…

Wednesday 9 August 2017
Episode 043/2799

Clues and blood tests make the Kosters uncomfortable. Jana’s news leads Tertius to the edge of an abyss – only Karli will be able to give him some hope.

Naomi thinks she knows exactly what is going on with Louis, and At will do everything in his power to keep it all under wraps.

A very normal night in Nagskof turns into a curious night of contemplation for more than one Binnelander when Die Heuwels Fantasties performs.

Thursday 10 August 2017
Episode 044/2800

Tertius is ready to confront Vanessa, while Conrad and At don’t agree on what the results of the blood test means. Alice is livid because there is no news about Tracy – and she decides to pay a visit to Nagskof. Ross realises there is no stopping Lexi, while Louis starts to doubt his own innocence.

Friday 11 August 2017
Episode 045/2801

Jana informs At about the settlement documents, while Louis finds a new place to stay. Bronwyn is not impressed with Steve – and then Steve worsens the situation at home with Ross. Naomi tries to support an emotional Louis, while Annelize is scolded in a corridor about a secret. Both Lexi and Louis’s worlds start to crumble.

Monday 14 August 2017
Episode 046/2802

Something is wrong with Quinton in Tertius’s flat, and Annelize realises that Jana is handling Vanessa’s case further. Alice is not done with Louis yet, while Conrad needs to put Annelize on a leash because of Tertius.

Bronwyn pleads with Steve to stay calm during his meeting, and Lexi thinks she has a solution for her problem. Louis’s friends are very concerned about him.

Tuesday 15 August 2017
Episode 047/2803

A delivery note in At’s boot leads to David being questioned, and Tertius offers Quinton a job at Binneland Clinic. Okkie owes SARS a lot of money, while Steve is forced to pay a medical bill.

Alice’s mother starts enquiring about Tracy, and Conrad needs At’s help when blackmail is on the table. The Abrahams have an uncomfortable vision of their future, while Ross is destitute.

Wednesday 16 August 2017
Episode 048/2804

Ross’s talk with Steve doesn’t go as he planned it, and Binneland’s security cameras harbour the answer that At is seeking.

A worried Ilse upsets Okkie even further, while a message gives Louis the biggest fright of his life. Wimpie introduces Ferdi to Okkie, and Lexi and Ross have a falling out about their plans for the future.

Thursday 17 August 2017
Episode 049/2805

Naomi is worried about her father and Ferdi’s relationship, and Tracy’s mother makes contact with Louis. Bronwyn realises that Steve is enquiring about Damien, while Annelize organises a date with Conrad.

Louis tries to catch Alice, and Bronwyn opens her heart – and her mouth! – towards Pippa. Jacques is making good progress in his investigation.

Friday 18 August 2017
Episode 050/2806

Bronwyn is harsh with Lexi, while she also confronts Steve about his regrets. Naomi observes how Ferdi’s behaviour is influencing Okkie, and Conrad makes his plans for the future very clear. Louis can’t believe what he sees, while Lexi can’t believe what she hears.

Monday 21 August 2017
Episode 051/2807

Lexi isn’t sure what to feel, and Conrad reminds At that the police can’t get involved with the case. Wimpie thinks Okkie should retire, while the truth about the lies is revealed.

Naomi talks to Ferdi about his insensitivity, while Jacques’s plans don’t sit well with Louis. Conrad moves in with Annelize, and Louis does something that he might regret later on.

Tuesday 22 August 2017
Episode 052/2808

Breggie and Wimpie give Okkie and Ilse something to think about. Bronwyn confronts Steve about Damien, and Ferdi goes to a lot of trouble to put Okkie at ease. Conrad tries to convince Louis about the reality, while Jacques shares news about Alice with Louis and At.

Wednesday 23 August 2017
Episode 053/2809

Steve tries to approach the situation with honesty and sincerity, but things are uncomfortable between father and daughter.

Annelize feels that Conrad is hiding something from her, while Elana makes an impression on Quinton. Karli’s frustration leads to her speaking her mind, and Annelize is not impressed with the uninvited houseguest.

Thursday 24 August 2017
Episode 054/2810

Louis doesn’t want to talk about his emotions, and decides to plough all his energy into a project. Annelize realises Conrad wants Elana near him, while At isn’t going to allow it in his hospital.

Okkie moves his business to Ferdi, and Steve has a stalker. Once again, Annelize is up to no good – and Quinton benefits from it!

Friday 25 August 2017
Episode 055/2811

The cottage at the Ferreira’s causes a problem, and Steve is not being truthful with Bronwyn. Elana takes the gloves off when it comes to Annelize, while a Louis’s project causes Conrad concern.

Elana and Conrad have a falling out about their private lives, and Damien seeks answers from Steve. Naomi hears why Ferdi came to Pretoria, while Conrad gives Annelize a friendly warning. Quinton thinks he knows what is wrong with Rebecca, while Elana recognises someone from her past.

Monday 28 August 2017
Episode 056/2812

Conrad is worried about Elana’s mood, while Bronwyn shares her new frustrations with Pippa. Naomi and Quinton are not seeing eye to eye, and Jana tries to defend Elana to At.

An injured Damien asks Steve for help, while At reprimands Louis about his behaviour. Rebecca is warned about Kenneth, and Ferdi moves in with the Ferreira’s.

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Episode 057/2813

Bronwyn thinks Damien is a troublemaker, while the first meeting between Quinton and Ferdi doesn’t go well. Annelize is surprised about news concerning Elana – and she asks Steve to warn Tertius about her.

There is an uncomfortable atmosphere in the Abrahams household, and Elana wraps Quinton around her little finger. Ilse cross examines Ferdi, while Conrad is not impressed with Elana’s good deed.

Wednesday 30 August 2017
Episode 058/2814

Naomi defends Ferdi with Quinton, and Karli has an idea how to cheer Louis up. Annelize tries to manipulate Tertius, while Tertius gets a very good business idea.

Lexi tries to find out more about Damien, and Quinton tries to make peace with Elana – but she has another idea on how to broker the peace. Louis is not thrilled about Naomi’s idea, while Elana has to explain herself to Quinton.

Thursday 31 August 2017
Episode 059/2815

Naomi asks Ferdi’s help with Louis, and a conversation with Rebecca leaves Elana cold. The identity of a patient in ER shocks Quinton, while Steve is caught in the middle of a fight between Damien and Lexi. Kenneth is fervently looking for Elana.

Friday 1 September 2017
(Episode 060/2816)

Rebecca’s presence causes tension, while Steve and Bronwyn argue about Damien. Delia’s research leads to an interview, and both Ferdi and Damien receive upsetting news. Kenneth sets a trap, while Conrad is unaware about what Elana took from him.

Monday 4 September 2017
(Episode 061/2817)

The ER could be the answer that a power hungry couple are looking for, while Bronwyn takes responsibility for her share in the current drama in the Abrahams household. Naomi wonders about Ferdi’s schedule, and Annelize’s actions awaken Delia’s curiosity. A tense Elana asks Quinton not to share her secret, while a patient struggles to share a warning.

Tuesday 5 September 2017
(Episode 062/2818)

Quinton scolds Elana, while the outcome of a competition in Nagskof surprises some of the participants. Tension is still rife in the Abrahams household, and it is clear that Elana has been underestimated.

A visit to the ICU leads makes Conrad very distrustful of a situation, and Ferdi’s comment makes Louis see the light. In Annelize’s flat, the night ends with a bang.

Wednesday 6 September 2017
(Episode 063/2819)

Conrad’s answers upset Annelize, while Wimpie’s birthday could be a lot more interesting this year. Naomi thinks Ferdi is a perfectionist, and Jana is caught off guard by Conrad’s raw emotion.

Steve is worried about Damien’s future, while At’s cross examination leads to a challenge. Annelize plants a seed in Steve’s thoughts.

Thursday 7 September 2017
(Episode 064/2820)

Louis is suspicious of his friend’s love life, and a secret worries Conrad. Bronwyn’s words cut deeper than she thinks, while cake decorating is a stressful activity.

Conrad tries to speak to At’s humanity, and Lexi tries to get through to Damien. Delia gives Elana the answer that she didn’t know she was looking for.

Friday 8 September 2017
(Episode 065/2821)

Conrad confronts Annelize after his talk with Elana, while Bronwyn makes a decision that makes Lexi feel left out. Okkie pretends that he forgot about Wimpie’s birthday, and Ferdi is a smooth talker when an opportunity presents itself. Questions surrounding the details of a plan stun Annelize.

Monday 11 September 2017
(Episode 066/2822)

Ferdi receives an upsetting business call, and a request by Steve frustrates Damien. Elana might have a solution for Conrad – but it comes with a condition.

Ilse tries to contain Okkie’s excitement about Naomi, and Lexi is upset about something that happened at school. It is very clear that Elana doesn’t like Annelize, while Quinton’s happiness is short lived. Conrad and Delia’s meeting is a stiff affair.

Tuesday 12 September 2017
(Episode 067/2823)

Ferdi tries to get Naomi to do things that he likes, and Steve is frustrated with Damien’s attitude. Elana and Annelize are not sitting around the same fire, while Breggie shares her concerns regarding Ferdi with Ilse.

Bronwyn tries to find out more about Damien’s past, and Tertius shares love advice with Quinton. Elana plays open cards with Bronwyn, while Annelize is going to have to work hard to gain Conrad’s trust again.

Wednesday 13 September 2017
(Episode 068/2824)

Ferdi is secretive about a call, while Wimpie faints in Tonik. Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend, and Conrad confronts Bronwyn about Elana.

Annelize and Karli’s altercation in the hospital makes Annelize suspicious, and Steve is unsure about his wife’s observation. At has had enough of Conrad’s attitude, while Breggie keeps her eye on Ferdi.

Thursday 14 September 2017
(Episode 069/2825)

Conrad’s plan has high stakes, and a brand new car gets tongues wagging. Lexi is worried about Damien, and Annelize doesn’t let Karli out of her sight.

Tertius tries to make peace with a colleague, while Elana makes a mistake in the execution of an important task. Naomi is furious about a gossip story, and illiteracy is mistaken for something else.

Friday 15 September 2017
(Episode 070/2826)

While Annelize is extremely excited about the plan, Elana is unsure about her share in it. Steve tries to find out more about Damien’s problem, and Annelize forces Elana to handle Quinton. Naomi is rewarded for her actions, while Elana has to think on her feet to avoid getting into trouble.

Monday 18 September 2017
(Episode 071/2827)

Annelize identifies another opportunity to further their plan, while Elana starts to feel guilty. Ferdi is not making life easy for Breggie, and Okkie’s bike ride ends in disaster.

A patient becomes unruly in ER, while Lexi’s solution for the matric dance differs from Steve’s idea. Conrad is not planning on being told what to do, and Ilse gives Naomi advice.

Tuesday 19 September 2017
(Episode 072/2828)

At doesn’t want Conrad at the family dinner, while Ferdi is a demanding patient. Bronwyn’s work problems don’t give her a free pass from family responsibilities. Taste differs – but a kiss is a kiss! Annelize asks for Jana’s assistance in brokering the peace, and compliments could lead to dangerous territory.

Wednesday 20 September 2017
(Episode 073/2829)

Damien’s actions are not as innocent as they seem, while Conrad has a condition for Annelize’s newest plan. Louis talks to Naomi about matters of the heart, and Steve’s behaviour aggravates Conrad. Elana doesn’t walk away from a fight, while her brother’s obligations skewers his father’s heart. Naomi makes a decision – and acts on it!

Thursday 21 September 2017
(Episode 074/2830)

The incident in ER has far-reaching consequences: Okkie voices his concern about the bad security, At is suspicious of Elana’s involvement, and Tertius tries to contain the damage to a minimum.

Damien’s hidden talents are unearthed, while he also finds a reason to spend more time with Bronwyn. Elana is furious when she eventually finds out what is really going on. Naomi is not the only one pursuing love.

Friday 22 September 2017
(Episode 075/2831)

Ferdi plays open cards with Okkie, while At and Conrad are at loggerheads early in the day. Elana tries to defend herself, and Bronwyn’s present leaves her cold. Pippa and Tertius are in trouble with At, while Karli gives Naomi advice before her date. DNA and a misunderstanding could seriously derail the night.

Monday 25 September 2017
(Episode 076/2832)

Damien realises that Bronwyn is avoiding him on purpose, while a stressed Annelize is playing against time to create her patient’s file. Louis has a surprise for Naomi, and Pippa has advice for Bronwyn about Damien. Ferdi doesn’t just feel threatened by Rikus Nel, and Steve is also on the case. Karli’s message would leave any man cold!

Tuesday 26 September 2017
(Episode 077/2833)

Love comes at a price, and the matric dance is a bigger event than someone has prepared for. Jana’s tears makes At realise the severity of the situation, while support is not conveyed by a kiss.

Elana is messing with Conrad’s head, and Ilse notices the manner in which Naomi is spoken to. Steve’s confrontation and Damien’s antics stresses Bronwyn out, and Conrad is crystal clear in his threats towards Annelize.

Wednesday 27 September 2017
(Episode 078/2834)

Conrad experiences At’s anger first hand, and Steve’s surprise is not the reason for Damien’s disappearance. Louis doesn’t realise he is making a nuisance of himself.

Conrad is ready to throw in the towel in exchange for Nina, and Elana realises how much Quinton cares. Annelize is distraught when reality sinks in, and Ferdi makes sure Naomi know exactly why he is worried.

Thursday 28 September 2017
(Episode 079/2835)

Tension is at breaking point in the Abrahams household, while Ferdi makes it very clear that Louis is a thorn in his side. Tertius is not ready to forgive, and Chloe’s visit gives Bronwyn an idea. Louis’s joke freaks Naomi out, while Conrad and Annelize reach a cross roads.

Friday 29 September 2017
(Episode 080/2836)

Jana is worried about At and Karli’s relationship, and Conrad’s behaviour upsets Annelize. Wedding plans are the last thing that Tertius wants to think about, while an art project could redirect Damien’s attention.

Annelize realises that At isn’t letting go of the crime situation, and Ilse is not sure about the new boarder. Conrad and Delia discuss a strategy, and Damien’s behaviour doesn’t sit well with Steve and Lexi.

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