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Thando Thabethe Interview

Thando ThabetheThando Thabethe,  is an actress, presenter and radio DJ. During her high school years she started doing TV work on shows like Quest for Fame, Backchat and Celebrity Fast Facts.In 2008, she started her tertiary education at the University of Johannesburg, playing a prominent role at the UJ Arts Center, starring in various theater productions. She also joined the campus radio station, UJFM initially, as a news reader. During that time, she landed a role in a documentary on the DSTV channel, Mindset Learn, and appeared in various TV commercials.

In 2011, she made the move from newsreader to Drive Time DJ on UJFM and within 3 months she received a request from YFM to join GP’s hottest frequency! This dynamic young lady is now a BCom Accounting graduate and plays the lead role of Thando Nkosi on the sitcom “My Perfect Family”.

Thando hosts the Audio Treat on weekends from 12pm to 3pm. Check out our interview with her below


Youth Village: Who is Thando Thabethe?

Thando Thabethe: A young ambitious, energetic go getter who won’t let anything get in her way.


Youth Village: Describe your childhood in 3 words?

Thando Thabethe: Fun, loving, adventurous


Youth Village: How old were you when you broke into entertainment industry? And what was the first gig?

Thando Thabethe: Well the first time I was ever on TV was on a YOtv presenter search called Quest for fame, I made it all the way to the top 4. I was 13 then.


Youth Village: When did you realise you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

Thando Thabethe: The very first time I saw a stage production, in grade 7


Youth Village: On SABC 1’s My Perfect Family you play the role of “Thando Nkosi” who is “blonde” what made you go for that role? And was it challenging to play that role?

Thando Thabethe: Thando Nkosi is a very fun, light hearted role to play. She is also EXTREMELY energetic so I had to always make sure that I’m on top of my game.


Youth Village: What does it takes for you to prepare for the Thando Nkosi role ?

Thando Thabethe: She’s very fast paced so I need to know my lines really well and ofcourse I also have to psych myself up for her high energy levels.


Youth Village: Let’s talk about Intersexions which is a programme about educating people about HIV/AIDS, what did you learn from being part of it?

Thando Thabethe: I had the most fun on intersexions, the role I played was very real, and I know of so many girls who behave that way. I learnt and hope to have showed the repercussions of having multiple life partners.


Youth Village: Thando Thabethe: Do you think Intersexions is a Drama that can be watched by the whole family to start a healthy conversation or can be watched by young people only?

Definitely by the whole family.  It’s the type of drama that makes people uncomfortable, and perhaps we need that to start conversations around these key issues.


Youth Village: How did you get on radio?

Thando Thabethe: I attended the University of Johannesburg, and when I got there I found out there was a campus radio station. I auditioned, just for the fun of it, and got taken up as a newsreader. I then decided that news reading wasn’t enough for me and ventured into presenting. Within a couple of months I received a request to join YFM.


Youth Village: Please tell us about your show on YFM

Thando Thabethe: My show is called the audiotreat weekends 12-3pm on YFM. It’s lifestyle show, has a lot of reality elements. We cover current affairs, celebrity gossip and music.

Youth Village: Describe your first show in 2 words?

Thando Thabethe: Crazy and hilarious

Youth Village: How do you deal with”difficult or crazy” callers on your show?

Thando Thabethe: The point of radio is to give a good, sound and reputable product, and the point of callers is to add to that, and I make sure that they do or I have to let them go

Youth Village: When it comes to radio who is that one person you look up to and why?

Thando Thabethe: Definitely DJ Fresh, he knows the ins and outs of radio, and he is technically sound


Youth Village: What is it like being a Club 808 presenter?

Thando Thabethe: Presenting is something I’ve always wanted to do, and Club808 is the best platform I could ever dream of doing it on.


Youth Village: What have you learned from Mo Flava?

Thando Thabethe: To be myself


Youth Village: Why did you choose to study Bcom Accounting?

Thando Thabethe: I fell in love with accounting in high school and I’m still very much in love lol

Youth Village: You are at your happiest when…..?

Thando Thabethe: I’m working


Youth Village: What is your favourite song at the moment?

Thando Thabethe: Love- hate thing by Wale


Youth Village: What is your most prized possession and why?

Thando Thabethe: My cell phone, it’s my office and personal life all in one


Youth Village: What is your advice for young people who have lost hope in their dreams?

Thando Thabethe: Nothing worth having comes easy, so if you love something and truly keep trying, no matter how many times you fail eventually you will win.

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