10 Things you don’t know about Proverb

10 Things you don’t know about Proverb

1. Proverb decided to use the name “Proverb” after he started writing rhymes and music, In his own words he says “ I sought a name that embodies what I’m about and what I seek to communicate in my music. After learning that a proverb is a short saying stating the truth, I decided that this is who I am and this name accurately describes what my music is about, the truth.”

2. Proverb got his first break after getting invited to participate on a radio competition hosted by Phat Joe at the time called “Rap-A-lot Wednesdays”

3. If Proverb wasn’t a rapper he would have persued a career in Sound Engineering

4. Proverb’s biggest lesson as an artist is to never give up, to persevere but also to keep an open mind and keep his options open.

5. M.I and Ice Prince from Nigeria as some of Proverb’s favourite musicians

6. Whilst Proverb is well known for rapping in English he has a song called “Write of Passage”where he raps in Afrikaans

7. Marriage has made Proverb more focused and it has also made him work so much harder knowing that he has a wife and little ones that depend on him. His business acumen has also sharpened because now he have bonds, medical aids, policies and school fees that needs to be taken care of.

8. Proverb met his fiancé when he was judging a competition and she was in the audience, that’s where he spotted her. A week later they both attended the “Brenda Fassie tribute launch” and that’s when he approached her.

9. Proverb is Volvo Car South Africa brand ambassador

10. The highlight of Proverb’s career so far is being the host of the biggest production on South African TV, South African Idols

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