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Teargas has become one of the best hip hop group in South Africa and they have proven that over and over again with their hits. They are known for releasing educational, motivational, spreading positive message and entertainment throughout their albums. This Award winning hip hop group has created Cashtime Fam as a platform for aspiring artists as their way of giving back, so all the aspiring artists should put their game on to become a member of Cashtime Fam. With their new album Num8er Num8er you can look forward to collaborations with Toya DeLazy, 2Face, Ziyon (LiquiDeep) and newcomer Lilly Million its definitely must have to your collection. To learn more about Teargas check out this interview.

Teargas Youth Village Interview6Youth Village: Teargas consists of?
Teargas: K.O, Ntukza and Ma-E


Youth Village: How long have you been together as group?
Teargas: More than 10 years


Youth Village: Describe your music in 4 words?
Teargas: Motivational, informative, entertaining and unbiased


Youth Village: Who are your musical influences?
Teargas: Mobb Deep, Brenda Fassie, Skwatta Kamp, Kanye West


Youth Village: Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs?
Teargas: From everyday tales around our living environment and life in the townships


Youth Village: What comes first for you beat or lyrics?
Teargas: Mostly beat

Youth Village: You won Awards with albums like K’shubile K’bovu,Wafa Wafa, Party 101 and Dark or Blue. Are you anticipating the same success with Num8er Num8er?
Teargas: We are anticipating success, period! We have realised the misconception around winning/losing awards. Winning/losing does not influence your album sales much so as long as our album and our brand are doing well out there that’s all that matters.


Youth Village: The album Num8er Num8er what is it about?
Young men on a mission to make something of themselves


Youth Village: Who did you work with on this album (Num8er Num8er)?
Teargas: Toya DeLazy, 2Face, Ziyon (LiquiDeep) etc.


Youth Village: What are the challenges you face as a group?
Teargas: Sometimes agreeing on things is a challenge but we respect each other enough to accept our differences


Youth Village: How did Cashtime Fam come about?
Teargas: It’s a platform we created for other aspiring artists as way of giving back.


Youth Village: Cashtime Fam released an album and when one listens to the album Teargas is there. What is the difference between Teargas and Cashtime Fam?
Teargas: Cashtime is a young sound and street and Teargas is more musical and mature.

Teargas 00Youth Village: If you were to collaborate with any international artist who would it be?
Teargas: Stevie Wonder


Youth Village: Have you guys fought before a show? If yes how did you guys resolve the issue?
Teargas: Yes we do clash at times but soon as we get on that stage we don’t allow the crowd to see any of that. It’s strictly business.


Youth Village: Who is your favourite DJ?
Teargas: DJ Ready and DJ Vigilante


Youth Village: What is your favourite song at the moment?
Teargas: Drake “started from the bottom”


Youth Village: What makes you proudly South African?
Teargas: The spirit of uBuntu within the community


Youth Village: Is the any social awareness that you’re involved with?
Teargas: There aren’t any active projects that we are involved in yet, most of them were wrapped up late last year. Looking forward to taking part in more social upliftment based activities.



Youth Village: Any future plans for Teargas?
Teargas: More music and putting out new talents through Cashtime and other creative platforms

Youth Village: What advice do you have for the youth?
Teargas: Visualize your dream, and make it a reality…

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