That Sunday Afternoon……….

It was on Sunday afternoon just hours after the loud music from the church band, when I decided to finally give online dating a try.  There I was with a pen and paper jottin down names I could use, I finally settled for “informed”, it made sense to what I thought I knew at that time.  I browsed around to what seemed like half naked pictures on some of the profiles. Days went by so did weeks; a hookup was on my wild cards but the inner person in me whispered even better results, a relationship.


Fun, it was. I mean the things people ask makes one wonder if they will actually ask in person.  Some are even brave, inbox you their own private numbers even worse a physical address.  R5.00 automatically looked like airtime, luckily at that time vendors were not greedy; R1.00 profit was not added.  After so many countless chats and three to four dates, one was so interesting that after only two days of chatting we decided to meet at a local mall. The day is so clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday.  The meeting was scheduled or rather arranged for 14h00. I rocked my best outfit even though i knew it was not a formal date.
I took one last stare to the picture that was sent to me when we exchanged pictures , then one last look at my outfit I was out running when I realised I was running late. My thought s was woken up by the weary, tired taxi driver demanding cash as he shouted my destination, love them or hate them these are the people waking up in the wee hours forming part of the striving economy of our diverse country. Instead of being angry at him for shouting I laughed so much when I told him to keep the change, not that it was much, anyway its luck to the universe these days you may not know when you will need help and who is on the other side to help you.
A text message just confirmed my date’s arrival. I went straight there, spotted by the cap worn on the picture I had in my pictures file.  When we finally opted for the local grill stools, my temperature was on another level so was my imagination. I felt like we have known each other for a while, strangely I related to this person in front of me, I concluded as we walked to the not so busiest site of the mall.  We had long kissing session. Strangely enough, at that stage we decided to date.


Some days felt like heaven, little did I know what I was about to discover, the same person who echoed honesty with every sentence was actually married with two adorable children who I later became to love so much. Disappearing acts of about a week did not even turn me off amidst this revelation.  I made peace with the fact that I was a “roll-on”, the role I would get an A if it were to academically ranked.


Those days were over now, the other partner was out of the picture luckily the partner understood and accepted the situatiation.  Approved of our relationship? I would constantly ask my dearest. Not that I wanted conformation.


Four months after I moved in, honeymoon was soon over. My friends were not allowed to visit and when I visited them it sparked serious arguments, as a result we decided to visit them together .  The day I never imagined in my wildest dreams came, normally “the date” was the first to leave for work, but that day none of this took place as I woke up and prepared for work.  In between breaks at work I would call just to check up like always, I was greeted with a voicemail throughout the day. I battled to concentrate and constantly checked the time, 16:30 on the dot I ran like never before to the taxi rank. When I finally unlocked the door I was met with unusuals only. The bed was not made, food was not prepared. The honeymoon was indeed over .


Luckily I had people and friends who were there for me. I told myself that I will bounce back which I did two months later. Well, my “date” is gone.


Written By Tau Ya Masepeng

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