Sivuyile Mabuto Interview

He describes himself as a calm and friendly person. Sivuyile is the MD of CraynoskyGiant a web design, graphic design and multimedia design agency. Staying relevant in the design industry can be a big challenge so in the interview Sivuyile tells us how he makes it happen, he also talks about challenges he face owning a business. and shares advice for inspiring entrepreneurs.


YV: Please tells us more about yourself?


Sivuyile: I’m Sivuyile Mabuto, the MD at CrayonskyGiant. I’m a cool human being; love other cultures and learning new things. I love art and design, especially Scandinavian design. What I enjoy about it is the dynamic yet simple but elegant functionality. I like films too; you get a lot of information there. But you have to listen and be informed to see it. I’m calm as the word calm and friendly.


YV: What is Crayonsky Giant all about?
Sivuyile: CrayonskyGiant is a web design, graphic design and multimedia design agency. They help dreamers collapse their business ideas to reality by creating work that is professional, well conceptualised. They help business owners look where they didn’t pay attention. This could be the importance of branding to helping clients expand their ideas beyond what they already have.


YV: How did it start ?


Sivuyile: We noticed how people in certain that most start-ups, small businesses & medium ones don’t take great quality design seriously. In some cases, they settle for sub-standard work or something that doesn’t speak to the vision and ideas at hand. The Managing Director started the design agency by designing a website with some work he did before, just a few items though. From there onwards, it was a matter of meeting people and talking about crap work and well-designed stuff. That’s how the company got its 1st client.. Since then, it has gone steadily well. All this was done with a few things, a good laptop, and software, social skills to mingle with other executives, a desk and a table… nothing fancy, very basic stuff.  The rest is presentation, vision, talking and presentation. Don’t forget a usb modem too.


YV: There is definitely lots of competition in the design industry, how do you stay relevant


Sivuyile: Great question, spot on. Well, CrayonskyGiant is different because they study what the client needs; align that to their design and their vision. Most designers and some design companies will create work give it to you. Yet they “watch” the client’s back in terms of long term.




YV: Who is your target market?  


Sivuyile: CrayonskyGiant’s target market is business owners, executives and entrepreneurs who wish to deliver their ideas visually. And people who want to be understood by design agencies for the long term.


YV: And how do you market it?
Sivuyile: At the moment we use social media, presentations, networking in events and by word of mouth. We also learnt that when the work looks good and speaks for itself, people become interested in it and the creator. So in a way, that becomes additional marketing.
YV: What are some of the challenges you faced trying to set up your business as a young person?
Sivuyile: I’d say resources and elements like software, fast and reliable internet, having to cover operational costs, having a mentor too. But every business and entrepreneur has their battles. That’s what separates business people from employees. The responsibility is bigger, the risk is bigger, yet returns may be big too. Every system has it’s positives and negatives.


YV: How can other young business owners overcome those challenges?
Sivuyile: Good question, well I’d say, be open minded, calculate the risk before diving in. Look for the ins and outs of the chosen industry, be positive, be inspired, always stay motivated, produce good work and treat every client well.


YV: What are you hoping to achieve with the business?


Sivuyile: We will like to see the company grow this year. Have at least 2 long term employees. Keep refining what we do… mature with time, just like great wine.


YV: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?
Sivuyile: Business is not for everyone. It needs discipline, investment on time, and someone who trusts their instincts more.

YV: How can customers get your service?
Sivuyile: Through the website, however… we are still updating the website at the moment. Anyone can their requests to or our social media at  or

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