How Networking Can Help You Get A Job

Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job in today’s highly competitive market. We all know at times, most jobs are not posted on job sites or advertised in print publications. The best way to find out about these “hidden” job openings is through knowing people.

networkingHow to start networking: start now with people you know. Contact people in your network this includes all of your family members, friends, neighbours, your lectures and people you’ve met through your connections. Your network is bigger than you think it is Start writing down names, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the list grows.
Don’t be embarrassed: at times you might be nervous about making contact either because you’re uncomfortable asking for favours or embarrassed about your employment situation. But always remember that almost everyone knows what it’s like to be out of work or looking for a job. They’ll sympathies with your situation.
Tell people that you looking for a job: if people don’t know about your situation then they won’t help you. When contacting people be specific about what kind of work you’re looking for and ask them if they have any information or know anyone in a relevant field. Don’t assume that certain people won’t be able to help. You may be surprised by who they know.


Build a relationship with your contacts: Networking is a give-and-take process that involves making connections, sharing information, and asking questions. It’s a way of relating to others, not a technique for getting a job or a favor. Even when people are willing to help you, they’re usually more interested in how you can help them, so offer help to them too.
Even after getting a job don’t stop networking: after getting a job let people who helped you get a job know that you got a job offer. Also don’t stop networking because networking is not just about finding a job. Your contacts can be very helpful in other aspects of your career. It is also likely that you’ll be job hunting again so you might need those contacts again.

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