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He doesn’t want to marry me.

I am a young mother of two boys with different fathers. I am currently with the father of my second bby.I broke up with the 1st 1 because he was abusive.I decided to be single until I met the father of my second baby. Things were good between us for the 3 years we’ve been together until he said I should stop using contraceptives. Which I did BUT fell pregnant.I went through hell from the first month. He works well in a mine(mine surveyor). I had to beg for maternity clothes from relatives. He beat me up to the extent that I delivered the baby early. Since we’ve been having the baby he no longer supports my first baby who is 5 years old and he was 10 mnths when we started dating.he bought a house nd said we move in togthr.he dsnt buy food.he goes to stadiums with friends with a young baby. he once went to limpopo with some woman colleagues I once caught him with.for the whole weekend. I then went home coz I was strugglinhg with the baby.I am not working and cannot afford to support 2 boys. He refuses to let my first baby daddy to support his son. We are forever fighting. He says I hate his family. When I ask about his future place with our relationshp he doesn’t talk.he doesn’t want to marry me. He is forever broke, he can’t even pay his account and the account he opened for me. I love him so much!! What should I do because I am struggling with my 1st baby and he only does things 4 his son only? What should I do because he doesn’t want to pay a cent at home and I am staying with him even after my family said I should come home?? Please help. advice and criticisms accepted.

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