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Pic: DJ Zinhle Shares A Part Of Her Beautiful Home

Pic: DJ Zinhle Shares A Part Of Her Beautiful Home. Hands down, she has one of the most beautiful homes in the country. Every time she renovates or decorates, DJ Zinhle makes sure she shares the beauty that is her home with her followers.

The award winning DJ, author and TV personality has new blinds courtesy of Buy My Blinds Online. Admires were left in awe after Zinhle showed the new blinds in her kitchen.

Buy My Blinds Online also shared a picture of Zinhle’s house where they worked their magic. This house definitely passes as everyone’s dream home.

It took Zinhle two years to finish building her exquisite mansion. Amongst other things the house boasts a fireplace, a walk-in closet and an amazing staircase. 

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