5 Reasons Why More Men Are Choosing To Wear Makeup

5 Reasons Why More Men Are Choosing To Wear Makeup. Men’s makeup is a growing industry. However, there is still a huge stigma attached to men self-enhancing. It’s still seen as a little out of the ordinary for guys to use concealer or foundation to hide a blemish or two, likely because makeup is largely marketed to women. Find out why some men are beating the stereotype.

1. To Boost Their Confidence

Just like women, men wear makeup to boost their confidence. It makes them feel fearless. Wearing makeup help somes men feel better about themselves and not be self-conscious that they have a rash or blemish.

2. Grooming

Some men have hopped on the makeup bandwagon because it lets you put your best face forward. Makeup promotes overall awareness to taking care of your skin at any age. It can correct an issue or enhance features in your face.

3. Self Love

Makeup does not mean a person is unnatural, but it’s to help us love ourselves a little more and care for ourselves in a better way. Many men have started to embrace makeup for some of their skin issues, like Vitiligo and acne.

4. Growing Pressure

Just like many women, men today are increasingly dissatisfied with their image. Many are turning to protein shakes and even steroids in a desperate attempt to have great bodies. There is also the pressure of looking flawless, henceforth makeup comes to the rescue.

5. Breaking Out Of Gender Norms

Men have the pressure to be muscular and tall, nothing much about their faces. It is likely though that male makeup will erase the gendered double standard of appearance. But some men are challenging the stereotype by also wanting to have no pores, wrinkles or skin blemishes.

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