10 Awesome Tips For Grooming Beard

10 Awesome Tips For Grooming Beard. A beard is more than just facial art. Most men are now into growing facial hair. Because of the compliments they receive, some men feel beards or mustaches make them more attractive. The following tips will help you keep your beard on point as you get popular with the ladies.

1. Keep it Clean and Moisturized

Keeping the beard clean prevents itchiness and keeps it soft. This is an essential step especially when you’re in the process of growing one. If you don’t wash and condition it, chances are it will get dry and wiry – this leads to the feeling of itchiness which leads to men giving up and shaving it all off.

2. Avoid Washing It Everyday

You do not need to wash your beard every day because that’ll dry it out! Try to wash it about 2-3 times a week. You can do it more or less depending on your body chemistry and how active you are. Using regular shampoo will dry out your beard and skin causing it to become brittle and break while your skin flakes. 

3. Have a Workable Routine

Having a well-groomed beard takes time and effort, time in which some men do not have. So before growing a one make sure to commit yourself to a certain time frame each day or weekend for proper beard maintenance.

4. Invest In Proper Tools

The most basic of these tools is a beard trimmer, if you can purchase a cordless that would be a better investment so you don’t have to deal with any wires. Beard trimmers work best of you have a busy schedule and if you don’t have a thick beard. It is also great for maintaining that faded look.

5. Use A Blow Dryer For Longer Beard

A blow dryer can help style a longer beard and give it a fuller appearance. If you’re using styling products like balm or pomade, apply these when your beard is still damp, then blow dry it into place. For additional volume, angle the blow dryer under your neck and direct the air upward.

6. Avoid Trimming a Wet Beard

A wet beard is typically longer and if you try to trim it wet, you may end up cutting more off than you would like. Before trimming make sure the beard is dry so you’ll be accurate in terms of how much facial hair you need to cut off.

7. Comb It Well

For guys with a full beard, comb that beautiful piece of facial hair before you go out. The same reason why you comb the hair on your head, you want to remove any tangles and make sure you don’t look like you just got out of bed.

8. Apply Beard Oil

One of the biggest complaints of men growing a full on beard is that its itchy. That’s because your beard is sucking all the nutrients from your face making it very dry and flaky. A consequence of this dryness is dandruff on your beard.

9. Put Some Style on It

We’re not all graced with the perfect beards. Your beard might curl up in some places, it might have a wave, or it might just puff out. Fear not, there are ways around this! There are a few products that can hold your beard in place like styling balm and mustache wax.

10. Eat Right

Nutrition plays an important role in how fast your beard grows and how great it looks. A healthy skin will translate to a health hair so a diet rich in Omega-3 and vitamins (particularly vitamin A) is a great step in the right direction. Also avoid drinking too much alcohol as this causes dehydration.

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