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Mandla Explains How He Got Pamela Nomvete On Lockdown

Mandla Explains How He Got Pamela Nomvete On Lockdown. It’s not everyday that you get an all talented cast on one show. Mandla’s brain child Lockdown is a powerhouse, all-female cast that has become an SA viewer favorite on Monday nights.

One of the leading ladies on season 2 is none other than veteran actress Pamela Nomvete. Mandla has explained to South Africa how he managed to get Pamela on board. She got to know about the drama through actress Lorcia Cooper on Instagram.  Pamela was hooked by the graphics, which prompted her to look it up on YouTube. After watching a couple of scenes, she knew that she wanted to join the show. Lorcia then put Pamela in contact with Mandla and the rest is history. She is now a part of this exciting drama.

Mandla produces the drama through his company Black Brain Pictures. The drama is set in a women’s prison where power and survival mean everything, the terse and fast-paced drama will take you into the lives of the inmates as they battle demons that hold them prisoner in every sense of the word.



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