Top 5 Celebs Who Enjoy Experimenting With Their Hair


Whether it’s dyeing, weaving or cutting, trying out a new and experimental hairstyle is always fun. When it comes to changing hairstyles celebrities takes the lead though. They are constantly looking to change their style to reflect their mood as well as express their fashion sense. We definitely can’t keep up with the following 5 Mzansi celebs with the funkiest hairstyles ever.

1. Nomzamo Mbatha

As Nomzamo’s star keeps on shinning brighter, she also works hard on her image. Although mostly known for rocking different types of natural hair, she is now giving weaves a chance and boy does she rock! She might have possibly exhausted all natural hairstyles, and we love that she is exploring other looks.

2. Loot Love

At times we feel hairstyles for natural hair are limited and boring, but Loot Love is here to prove us wrong. This media personality is a risk taker, who is never shy to explore when it comes to her hair. She has gone blonde, grey, and still rocked.

3. Nomuzi

Going short does not mean you lose versatility with your hair. Nomuzi is prove that short hair doesn’t always have to be natural. Her signature finger wave makes her stand out above the rest. She has shown many that short cuts can be styled just the same as longer hairdos.

4. Somizi Mhlongo

On this one Somizi gives women a run for their own money. Although sometimes he doesn’t get it right, we love how he plays around with different co lours and hair extensions. He teaches men that they do not have to be stuck in boring hairstyles like balds and brush cuts.

5. Boity

Boity’s hair game is always on point. Boity loves experimenting with her hair and we love her choices and how she knows what works for her. She has done it all from her green hairdo in 2015 to neat pixie cuts. She is definitely not afraid of change.



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