How Social Media Is Reacting To The Murdering Of Women In SA


Did you know that in every six hours a woman in South Africa is being killed by her partner, one person she loved and trusted. Most women manage to dodge the bullet while they can while for some there’s just no way at all.

The case of the late Karabo Mokoena who was brutally murdered by her partner has the country talking about how men are trash basically the abuse of women.

10 South African Women Who Were Murdered By Their Boyfriends In 2017 (So Far)

She’s not the first victim to suffer from a man’s gruesome abuse and from how things are she’s not the last . Abusing and killing women seems to be slowly becoming a norm. Women are now more cautious and scared than safe and secure with their partners.

People are enraged and saddened by these re-occurring cases. One may wonder , if justice was served accordingly in punishing perpetrators the rate of women killed by their partners wouldn’t increase this much.

Here’s how Social Media Is Reacting To Murder and Killings Of Women.




Thando Thabethe(Radio and T.V personality) launched a campaign on social media to bring awareness to domestic violence in South Africa. It’s a good initiative and hopefully it will bring change. No woman deserve to be treated brutally and shamefully.

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