2.“Karabo loved Sandile with all her being. She loved that man. She would do anything to make things work between the two of them, and even as friends when we spoke to her and told her ‘Leave this guy’, Karabo went back to him.

3.“She finally did leave him because the abuse obviously just got too much, but in that relationship, she loved him, she would do anything for him,” she said, shaking her head and fighting tears.

4.Leong said she got to know Mokoena as a confident and determined young woman. She said she and Mokoena shared clothes. Mokoena was also the one who introduced her to God, said Leong.

5. Leong said that Mokoena had many aspirations, and one of them was helping women and children in abusive situations.

“It’s not just us who have lost out on Karabo because Karabo’s plan was to help many people. It’s our duty to do what Karabo wanted to do, and to help others,” said Leong.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Sandile Mantsoe Who Is Accused Of Murdering Karabo