Here Are 5 Ways To Market Your Small Business On Limited Budget

Have you just started a business and you would like to expand it but don’t know how? Worry not because we have compiled some few ways on how to market your small business on a shoestring or limited budget. It is financially riskier for a business not to market, so here are 5 cheapest way to get your business out there

  1. Social media is the way to go

We know that everything has evolved and social media has become the it-thing. You can use media platforms such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, to advertise your business. Everyone is on these platforms in this era. That would actually be the cheapest way to market your business

  1. Be the face of your own business

Never rely on anyone to be the ambassador of your business. Spread the word yourself, whether you in business seminars or just typical occasions. Tell people about your business

  1. Craft an elevator pitch

It has been scientifically proven that an adult’s attention span is only about six to eight seconds, so make sure that whenever you pitch, you tackle the most important this about your business before anything else

  1. Network

Go out there and network. Meet new people and shake hands, and don’t forget to tell them about your business

  1. Learn from other businesses

This does not mean that you don’t know what you are doing or what you want, but you can actually learn a lot from other successful businesses. Seek advice and referrals.



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