5 Video Game Cars That Should Be Manufactured In Real Life

Anyone who has played a video game that involves cars has thought, “wouldn’t this car be amazing in real life?” While there are some pretty cool cars in real life, you can’t beat the ones created for video games with unreal abilities and weapons. If these cars did exist in real life, one thing is for sure, you’d need to get car insurance quotes pretty quickly and ensure the vehicle is covered with the kinds of special features these cars include. Here are the top five cars that we wish existed in real life.

1. Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight


The Batmobile not only looks magnificent with its tank-like structure, but is also jam-packed with cool equipment and features. Non-lethal weapons, a power generator and shock armor allows you to charge through permanent structures, shoot rubber bullets or bean bags when your guns turn on humans. Get access to blocked off areas and plow through people if you’re in a rush without killing them.

2. The Warthog: Halo


This fast and powerful military vehicle has been in the Halo game since its first release in 2001. It’s ability to remain intact even when it’s been attacked by enemy weapons or flipped itself over while navigating the rocky terrain remains its best feature.

3. Nike One 2022: Gran Turismo 4

Nike One

Designed by the athletic wear company Nike, the Nike One resembles a sleek sci-fi buggy that harnesses its power from the ‘HEP Drive’ (Human Energy Potential). The Nike ‘Spark Suit’ collects energy and stores it in the footwear of the driver. This form of bio-energy then powers the hub-less wheels.

4. Mario’s Kart: Mario Kart Series

Mario Kart 8

What’s not to love about the quick and simple go-kart that carries one of the most iconic game character throughout his races and missions? Speed boosts are acquired from mushrooms and it can shrink itself to get Mario under and passed tight spaces.

5. Mako: Mass Effect


This six-wheeled combat vehicle can get you through any quest and type of terrain, from rocks to swamps and rivers filled with lava, and even steep mountains. Powerful thrusters allow the vehicle to project itself over liquid filled spaces and even correct itself easily if it happens to flip or fall. There’s not much that the vehicle can’t do, all while withstanding extreme temperatures.

While we wish these cars were indeed real and that we could own them, at least we can drive them and put their full abilities to the test in a virtual world.



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