5 Things You Should Know Before Applying For A Business Loan In SA

Applying for a loan can be quite a mission especially when you are looking at borrowing large amounts for your business.  One thing every entrepreneur needs to keep in mind  is that there are factors to consider when applying for a business loan.

Loan approved

The following points will give you an idea as to how you can achieve your business loan. What to know and do before applying for a Loan.

1. Do your research- Know what criteria do banks look for. Do your research first. If you’re hoping to get a loan from a bank, before submitting a loan request. Expect to pay a loan origination fee  and, of course, interest. Business loans can offer the security of a fixed monthly payment and a fixed interest rate, although variable rate loans may also be available.

2. Know how much do you need to borrow- Know how much you want to borrow and what you want to do with it. If you are contributing towards it, make sure your funds are in an account which can be shown to the lender.

3. Consider different options – Contemporary businesses looking for loans should not only be looking in the direction of the familiar banking groups who might once have been seen as the only possible route to finance. It’s crucial in fact for small business operators to have an open mind and to consider the full range of funding options and loan facilities that are now available.

4. Have a Business Plan- A business loan is easier when you can show that you have a clear direction of what you do and what you want to do all of which is written out in a logical manner.

Make sure your credit is not bad-  If you can demonstrate your business can generate enough profit to prosper and then pay them back, you’re good to go. The challenge is to prove you fit the bill:  this can be difficult if you have no track record to point to.




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