10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Boss

Being honest is the best policy….sometimes. While we know we all have rights, it’s important to watch what you say to your boss because even a small slip of the tongue can ruin your career. There are certain comments and questions based on negative perspective that can set you back with your boss. If a little voice inside you is saying don’t say it, you probably shouldn’t. Here are ten things you should avoid saying at any cost to your boss.

things you shouldn't say to your boss

1. I don’t know
Your boss should never know you don’t have the answer to something, be solution oriented and try to come up with several possible ideas for how you think the problem should be solved.

2. It can’t be done
Your boss doesn’t want to hear negativity or lack of conviction and it will seem like you are looking for an easy way out. Instead step out of your comfort zone and find a way that it can be done. If you have doubts, state them and ask for help.

3. I agree with you
Although you should never argue with your boss, they want your input, dissenting options and even critical opinion from you. Hearing an agreement too quickly and too often can be a red flag.

4. It’s not my fault
Always be someone who takes responsibility; if you are innocent simply explain why. If you are always seen as someone who always points the finger, your boss is going to question who is really to blame.

5. That’s not our priority
Never say this unless you are 100 percent totally sure it’s not a priority because if you are wrong it not only tells your boss you didn’t get the job done, but also you don’t know what the company priorities are.

6. I need a raise
Instead of claiming a raise convince your boss why you deserve it. Present to your boss the value you’ve delivered to the organizations and the responsibilities or projects you have taken on.

7. I’ll try
It doesn’t give your boss too much confidence in you if you say you’ll try get things done to your best ability. You should never let your boss be unsure about your capabilities.

8. At my last job
If you have a better idea, be careful of how you say it. No boss wants to hear about how excellent your previous boss was. Instead of being confrontational with your ideas try to pose them as a question.

9. How do I benefit from this?
Sometimes your work will need you to help in other departments. Although it’s not the job you were hired to do, bosses have little tolerance for those who aren’t team players.

10. I’m bored
Never mention to your boss how bored or tired you are. You are being paid to be productive and remain enthusiastic; it’s your responsibility to find ways to make your job interesting.


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