10 Things You Didn’t Know About iFani


  1. iFani is his middle name
  2. He’s introverted and incredibly intelligent
  3. iFani has never really had a day job as music has always been the only option
  4. He’s a loner and doesn’t really enjoy groupies
  5. He’s not in the music business to be famous, because he never believed he would be
  6. He listens to a lot of underground and upcoming artist
  7. Cape Town, PE and Durban are his favourite holiday spots
  8. His favourite food is Umphokoqo which is mealie meal and amasi
  9. He loves the Ferrari FF and would choose it over women
  10. Life itself inspires him, because of the fact that he can wake up with a thought, wake up with a dream, the fact that he can change the future, talk to people and think.
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