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Top 10 Signs You Have A Facebook Stalker

There is probably nothing annoying as having a facebook stalker. It may be fun at some point but it can get really ugly. We have witnessed on Television, worst case scenarios of cyber stalking that can later lead to cyber bullying and murder. Some people can really take it far. It is important that as a social media user to be able to tell the difference between a facebook friend/admirer and a facebook stalker. The following are top signs that you are being stalked on facebook.

facebook-commenting-tips1)The person is always commenting your posts

This person may be someone you know. Someone you may have come across before. Someone one you don’t know, that just invited you and you accepted. It can get awkward for the same person to keep commenting on each and every little thing that you post on the platform. At first you might appreciate the attention but for someone who you barely know, that should leave a huge question mark.

2)The person comments on images you shared loimages commentingng time ago

Meaning he is has been at it, going through all your ancient wall posts and photographs. For him to be able to get to those particular pictures must have taken him time and effort. Of which it did, why would one do that?


notifications3)You always get notifications from the same person

When you receive notifications the same name comes up. What is the first that comes to mind?


4)The person always pokes youpoke

Out of the random blue, the person pokes you. You just get pokes from them, meaning they are seeking your attention in many ways in order to get yours. It gets creepy when you don’t even know the person.

picture-65)The person inboxes you all the time asking for your details on your other intimate social messaging

This person is obviously trying to get closer to your personal sphere. By giving him such details might be putting your own life in danger. We should be careful when sharing our whatsapp numbers and BBM pins on facebook.


creepy messages

6)The person inboxes you weird messages

Creepy messages can be an alert, especially those that come from a person that you don’t know. The safest thing to do would be to unfriend the person and block them.


like7)The person always likes what you post

Getting likes can be just an indication that your friends on facebook can relate to what you have posted and share the same sentiments. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to like each and every post you make, afterall we are unique individuals. Ask yourself why one person is not that unique as the rest and liking each and every post you make.

images commenting

8)The person tries and comments on all your images

Meaning again he takes time to go through them. One would say maybe he/she likes me. Stalking can be accompanied with so many intentions that can grow from like to obsession. Facebook hookups are also not promoted, especially people you don’t know.


tags9)The person tags himself of your photos and saves them

This is plain absurd. It creates an impression that the person is somewhat obsessed about you. If a person is genuine, he/she would go around it the right way and ask you for a photograph.



10)When you unfriend the person, he/she tries to invite you again with the same account or a different account.

This is definitely a stalker who surely is keen on not giving up. It applies to many of us that where you figure you not wanted you leave, and life just moves on. Even on facebook, if someone unfriends you it simply means that they share nothing with you and do not want to be associated with you. Now why would you keep pushing, unless a certain ‘agenda’ is driving you.



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