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Sleek Note Interview

Youth Village: Why Sleek Note

Sleek Note: Out of the crazy ideas we had, we felt Sleek Note is the right name that defines us all in 2 words. Sleek represents our Sleek Sound.. And Note represents Music and Money

sleek note1Youth Village: Tell us about yourselves?

Sleek Note: Each one of us has a Role to play that is different from the next person.

Sean Makes the Beats and Rapps, Max sings, Ayce is a Rapper so as Young and Toast but each person has their own persona and Identity. We are from different countries.. Max is S.A, Ayce and Young Angola, Sean Garbone, Toast Nigeria


Youth Village: What is your relation with Buffalo Souljah?

Sleek Note: He is the Shadow behind SN and he owns our recording label UNA

Youth Village: What makes Sleek Note unique from other groups out there?

Sleek Note: Our Sound is different from local Hip-hop… We follow hip-hop culture to the max from the Swag, tattoos and Sound. We are not in the game to compete with anyone… We are here to make a difference and hope to put Africa on the map. We are hoping to make a breakthrough and change other people’s perspective on Local Hip-hop. We feel like our HipHop is not promoted in the States the same way we promote their music. We are trying to break through that and show them, Africa we don’t stay in curves. Americans are not exposed to our Music partly is because our own Material sometimes is not up to standard.


Youth Village: Are you doing hardcore underground hip-hop or commercial hip-hop?

Sleek Note: We sing n rap about our life style so it can safely say Commercial \ educating (entertaining while educating)


Youth Village: Why are you pushing Mixtape instead of an album?

Sleek Note: We are testing the market, observing and analyse fans reaction to our Music. Everything has to be calculated and done in a professional order. The Mix Tape is part of our Marketing strategy and Brand Promotion. We will drop the Album when we feel its the right time and all necessary precautions have been taken.


Youth Village: How has the reception of your mixtape been?

Sleek Note: Its been amazing a lot of positive feedback coming, and this helps us as Artist. It has boost our confidence. The Mix Tape has helped us to give people a taste of what SN is all about.

Youth Village: How has hip hop evolved in your country and Africa as whole over the past decade?

Sleek Note: It is growing each day because HipHop in comparison to other Music genre is the most popular Music now. Its dominating. But For the Hip Hop artist there is still a lot to be done some music video’s lack creativity and quality.This is resulting in Artist releasing half baked products which is not fair to our fans. This also doesn’t help our African Hip Hop Pride.




Youth Village: What are some of the challenges you face daily in the music industry?


Sleek Note: Considering we are just making an entrance we haven’t done half the things we are planning to do. What you have seen is only the basics, we are still building a foundation and we are already being judged on assumptions.


We already have Haterz that tells us we are fake and yet they haven’t given us a chance to see what we have to offer.  It feels like we have already been targeted, we have people that are making effort on destroying us before we have even matured. We are not trying to compete with anyone, we have one goal to make music and achieve our goals. We are a strong team and its obvious we have intimidated a lot of people to us this is a good sign. Our presents have been felt and we are here 2 stay. When people react bad or good it shows progress it’s up to us to see who is just making noise for the sake of talking.. Who is hating? And who has a Constructive Criticism.


Everything that people say it works to our advantage at the end of the day.


Youth Village: What other career would you have pursued if you weren’t rap artists?

Sleek Note: Music Music and Music lol! In life everyone has a calling and a purpose.

Music was our calling and that’s all we ever wanted to be Artist. We all met through our early school levels. We came together because we all had one Goal and One passion which is music. So we are in the right track we can’t think of anything else. It was always music even our parents knew it’s all music.


Youth Village: What are your sentiments with regards to Piracy?

Sleek Note: Artist we work so hard and Music is our life. Piracy is destroying the music and it’s a huge setback for any Artist. This Piracy seems to be a Virus that can’t be cured. The only way is to find a way to work together since we can’t get rid of them.


Youth Village: Which musician do you look up to for inspiration?

Sleek Note: Any great Artist out there making good music, from our late Legends to the current Artist. We learn something from everyone we don’t have a specific person.

Youth Village: What is the biggest challenge you feel the youth is facing in Africa today?

Sleek Note: Our Youth are exposed to a lot of bad things like Drugs and Violence everywhere. And some are fallen Victims of Child Pornography, Rape and Killings.


Youth Village: What steps do you think can be taken in solving that challenge?

Sleek Note: Charity begins at home; parents should also play a role in monitoring their Children. What programs they watch on T.V and what cell phones are relevant to use and not to. Teachers should also monitor and try to have strict rules that protect the kids during school times. The Community should also play a role on watching these kids when they are in the streets. That could be your child so treat them all like they are yours. So at the end of the day everyone has a role to play. Let’s protect our youth and educate them for a better tomorrow.


Youth Village: Has fame changed your life? If so tell us how?

Sleek Note: Yes it has changed our lives but not our personalities or our attitudes towards people. Since being famous automatically comes with recognition factor now we have to have protection whenever we go in public. We are also cautious with what we portray to our fans because we have youngsters that look up to us and ask for advice everyday.. So in a way we all feel like we have a responsibility and a role 2 play for our little brothers and sisters out there.


Youth Village: Any artist you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Sleek Note: We are already working with a Successful well recognised international artist.


Youth Village: Young Nucho how do you deal with people thinking you’re Lil Wayne?

Sleek Note: I don’t deal with them because it doesn’t affect me anymore. If it doesn’t have an effect on me means I don’t think about it.  It’s nothing new it’s something that started when I was still in high school. Everyone always say I look like Wayne so now it’s nothing new.


Youth Village: How did the song I’m not Lil Wayne come about?

Sleek Note: I’m not Wayne is something I came up after our incident with Wayne’s people. (YMCMB) I was just expressing my feelings and loudly telling people even though I look like him I NEVER said I was him. The whole incident was misinterpreted everyone had their own opinion. So instead of trying to explain myself I put everything down on paper after all I’m an

artist my inspiration comes from my everyday life.


Youth Village: What advice do you have for young people and upcoming rap artist out there?

Sleek Note: Its not easy being a Rap artist… Its takes more than rapping talent to become an artist. First important step FINISH your studies. Even an Artist need an education background for him to manage his own career. Now to become a rapper you need talent, confidence, courage, dedication, attitude, and creativity, great team and the right recording label to help you pursue your rap goals. You need to understand once you enter the game your whole life is now rap… There will be a lot of negativity and intimidation. Be smart to know what to take into consideration and what not to (this is where your education works).



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