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Career Guidance – Choose subjects with your future in mind

Grade 9-learners are currently wrestling a very difficult issue: choosing which subjects they will take with them for the rest of their school careers, and ultimately be...
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5 Of The Best Interview Looks

As a job seeker, landing an interview is a step closer towards getting the job. Appearance is what creates your first impression so the way you...
Posted On 12:36 pm

Young Minds


Kasi Lyrics Interview

We all have that one trusted site we run to in search for lyrics. With the arrival of Kasi Lyrics, now we can search for any local artist and find the lyrics in any language. We had a chat with the founders of Kasi Lyrics, our very own local music lyrics site and got some insight...
Posted On 4:22 pm

Youth Help


What You Need To Know About Rape Support

Rape Crisis has a vision of a South African criminal justice system that supports and empowers rape survivors in all of its interventions. Until such time as this...
Posted On 12:02 pm

Dating & Relationships


10 Most Romantic places In The World

If you’ve ever thought about eloping to a mystical land made of chocolate, shoes, fast cars;...
Posted On 9:43 am

10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

They come in all colours, shapes, sizes and income brackets. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve...
Posted On 5:00 pm

10 Signs That It’s Getting Serious

In that first month of dating, even the coolest guy can only play it cool for so long. If...
Posted On 2:53 pm

Problems That Come With Dating Outside Your Age

The heart does not choose who to love, it happens. Unfortunately this also means you may end up...
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iPhone 6: what to expect?

When it comes to the 2014 iPhone 6 it is all about word is and rumour has it…we are not really sure what to expect yet. Although the phone will be launched later this year, there are already speculations of what kind of package the gadget will possess. There are high expectations...
Posted On 2:23 pm