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10 Facts About FET Colleges

The common perception about FET colleges s is a negative one. This is normally because it is considered inferior to Universities. But just like everything, Universities are...
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Top 10 Employment Apps

The world has evolved so much that technology practically does things for us, in simple terms it makes life easy for us. If you looking for...
Posted On 11:19 am

Young Minds


Top 30 Inspirational Young People In Africa 2014

We are always inspired by stories of young people doing remarkable work in their countries to facilitate development in the lives of people in their communities and throughout the continent. 2014′s list identifies young Africans, mostly below 30 years of age, who are...
Posted On 10:42 am

Youth Help


5 Things Everyone Should Know About Suicide

South Africa has the eighth highest rate of suicide in the world: each year, approximately six to eight thousand people commit suicide, making suicide the third...
Posted On 2:56 pm

Dating & Relationships


Top 17 Things Not To Say On A First Date

The smallest mistake or silliest thing that you say on your first date can have the biggest...
Posted On 2:13 pm

Top 10 Things To Never Do On Facebook When You’re In A Relationship

A happy and healthy relationship is based around a few rules, yes your Facebook account is your...
Posted On 10:51 am

10 Ways To Build A Healthy Relationship

No one decides to be alone; it is in human nature to want to be with someone because some...
Posted On 11:24 am

90 Day Rule Advantages and Disadvantages

Every girl who’s seen the movie “Think like a man” or read the book...
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iPhone 6: what to expect?

When it comes to the 2014 iPhone 6 it is all about word is and rumour has it…we are not really sure what to expect yet. Although the phone will be launched later this year, there are already speculations of what kind of package the gadget will possess. There are high expectations...
Posted On 2:23 pm