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Ready For A Career Boost? Check Out These Cool SA Online Courses

Whether you’ve been struggling to get into university full time maybe because of financial reasons or you want to have a certificate in a particular course, there are a lot of...
Posted On 1:46 pm



10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Boss

Being honest is the best policy….sometimes. While we know we all have rights, it’s important to watch what you say to your boss because...
Posted On 12:40 pm

Young Minds


Young Minds: Interview With Neliswa Fente

Youth Village is proud to recognize young people in South Africa. Neliswa Fente is young and passionate about changing the lives of young people in South Africa.  We had the opportunity to interview Neliswa on her journey as young leader. She was able to share her aspirations for...
Posted On 12:01 pm

Youth Help


10 Tips On How To Stay Patient

In a world that is constantly evolving and everything is just a click away or can be done in no time, patience has become very rare. Having it is a skill, some...
Posted On 1:43 pm

Dating & Relationships


10 Reasons Why Ladies Born In The 80’s and 90’s May Not Get Married Soon

Seems like in the recent years and maybe many years to come, the number of single women is...
Posted On 3:19 pm

How To Talk To Girls On Twitter Without Appearing Creepy

We understand that twitter is for engaging with people even those you don’t really know. So,...
Posted On 3:38 pm

10 Ways to Keep Social Media from Ruining Your Relationship

Being on social media and in a relationship can be a very complicated thing. In most case, ...
Posted On 4:24 pm

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Valentine’s Day

For all the hopeless romantics across the continents, Valentine’s Day is very important and is...
Posted On 4:31 pm



7 Tips On How To Keep Your Favorite Gadgets Clean

Let’s face it, our gadgets look better when they’re clean and they are way more fun to use in that way. Although not all of them get affected by dirt, some of them need constant servicing to make them last longer. Here are some easy cheaper ways of keeping your toys...
Posted On 10:58 am

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