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10 Bursary Opportunities that are Still Open For 2015

Are you accepted at a certain College/ University in South Africa and still looking for a bursary? There’s no need for you to stress even further because there’s still time...
Posted On 4:17 pm



Top 10 Things Employers Look For When Recruiting

We are now living in a very competitive world. With more people being retrenched than hired, you need to be smart when applying for a job. Know...
Posted On 11:06 am

Young Minds


Mongezi Treasure Malgas Interview

We interviewed the founder and CEO of OLIV Channel Mongezi Treasure Malgas. OLIV channel is a fast growing advertising and marketing platform in South Africa which focuses on Product Marketing, Advertising and Publishing. Find out more about the company and its CEO below. Enjoy!...
Posted On 12:01 pm

Youth Help


Drink Spiking – 10 Things You Should Be Cautious Of

Drink spiking is a serious case facing the world today and It is often difficult to investigate these crimes, as victims can have little or no memory of the...
Posted On 4:19 pm

Dating & Relationships


Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Stuck In The Friendzone

So we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Whether it’s that boy or girl...
Posted On 4:45 pm

10 Songs You Should Avoid After A Break Up

There is nothing in this world that is more comforting after a break up than to listen to sad...
Posted On 3:47 pm

10 Ways On How to Keep Him Drooling Over You

It’s not true that men have a low interest span than women. But the truth is that they like...
Posted On 5:25 pm

Approaching The “Sexual History” Topic With Your Partner

The best relationships are based on open communication. The most important issue you should...
Posted On 9:44 am



7 Tips On How To Keep Your Favorite Gadgets Clean

Let’s face it, our gadgets look better when they’re clean and they are way more fun to use in that way. Although not all of them get affected by dirt, some of them need constant servicing to make them last longer. Here are some easy cheaper ways of keeping your toys...
Posted On 10:58 am

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