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10 Reasons Why You Should Study Agriculture

When it comes to choosing careers, many young people in the developing world tend to shy away from agriculture. Therefore, engaging youth in agriculture has been a prominent...



10 Words That Can Help You Get A Job Right Now

If you like a job opening but don’t think your resume will get you an interview, you probably aren’t using the right words. In order...

Young Minds


Meet Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams- SA’s Youngest Deputy Minister

She attended several schools in and around Mthatha, but could not proceed with her studies after matric because her family could not afford to send her to university. She had to get a job to contribute to her family income, and to get her to study further. In 2011,  when she was...

Youth Help


10 Tips To Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Moving outside your comfort zone is a risk. Depending on your propensity for risk-taking, your next step may be more or less calculated and gradual in terms of the...

Dating & Relationships


10 Signs Your Partner Truly Loves You

Confused of whether your partner  loves you or not? There’s no guaranteed way to know if...

5 Beautiful Pics of Musa Mthombeni With His Girlfriend

Former YoTv presenter and once YFM Dj, Musa Mthomeni  has definitely grown into a very young...

10 Ways To Mend A Broken Heart After A Break-Up

Of course, there’s no question that breakups can be painful, and that it’s...

10 Signs You And Your Partner are Compatible

Love is a beautiful thing especially if you are with the right person, but how do we know that...



You Can Now Shut Down Someone’s Phone By Sending Them A Simple SMS

This is a trending story at the moment and there’s so much interest surrounding it. Well, it turns out there’s a text message that you can send iPhone users that will shut down their phones. This iPhone bug lets users shut down a phone by sending it a text message....
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