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Top 10 Best Universities In South Africa 2015 Part2

6. Rhodes University Rhodes University is a public research university located in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is one of four universities in...



10 Quick Tips That Will Help You Get Hired Fast

Few people want to wait that long to find a new job. If your current position is unbearable  (you hate your boss, your company is massively...

Young Minds


15 Young African Creatives Who Are Re-branding Africa Part2

Lakin Ogunbanwo In his imagery he manages to capture a sense of nostalgia, whilst staying in the present at the same time. Lakin Ogunbanwo, 27 years old, former law student and self-taught photographer, has seen his work featured on the pages of British GQ, iD magazine, WSJ and...

Youth Help


10 Personality Traits You Need To Be A Great Leader

One important question is: What makes a great leader?  Are leaders born or made? Can you learn superior leadership skills? No one is sure but there are are some...

Dating & Relationships


5 Beautiful Pics Of Our Favourite Couple This Week: Hulisani Ravele & Psyfo Ngwenya

Love is really a beautiful thing and what more can we say? By now you probably know that we...

Top 5 Reasons Why Relationships Don’t Last Longer These Days

Of course people leave relationships for less brutal reasons: jealousy, boredom, irritation and...

10 Signs Your Partner Truly Loves You

Confused of whether your partner  loves you or not? There’s no guaranteed way to know if...

5 Beautiful Pics of Musa Mthombeni With His Girlfriend

Former YoTv presenter and once YFM Dj, Musa Mthomeni  has definitely grown into a very young...



You Can Now Shut Down Someone’s Phone By Sending Them A Simple SMS

This is a trending story at the moment and there’s so much interest surrounding it. Well, it turns out there’s a text message that you can send iPhone users that will shut down their phones. This iPhone bug lets users shut down a phone by sending it a text message....
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